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Posted Date: 14 Jun Posted by: Exactify.IT
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What’s Missing in Your Approach to Legal Technology?

So, you have rolled out new technology at your firm that will improve the way you deliver legal services to your clients. That’s great, but are you utilizing that technology to its greatest effect? Are other members of your practice finding your latest tech solution cumbersome or enlightening? Do you even know how to find
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Posted Date: 7 Jun Posted by: Exactify.IT
Business - meeting in an office, lawyers or attorneys discussing a document or contract agreement
Can Technology Help Improve Communication with Your Clients?

In the legal sphere, there are several points of communication that are essential for a practice: initial contact—when a potential client finds your firm and reaches out; working contact—when your firm and the client are working together to build the case at the center of your association; and continued contact—the communication that fosters referrals and
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Posted Date: 28 May Posted by: Exactify.IT
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Do E-Discovery Tools Need to Recognize Emojis?

When was the last time you worked on a case involving information gathered from social media or text messages? Chances are, not that long ago. As communications mediums change, so, too, do the types of evidence that we present in court. However, it is getting harder to keep up with these new forms of communication
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Posted Date: 21 May Posted by: smack
Business - meeting in an office, lawyers or attorneys discussing a document or contract agreement
Why Do Judges Think Attorneys Don’t Understand E-Discovery?

E-discovery is often seen as a revolutionary tool that has changed the way evidence is found, preserved and presented in court. Such a powerful tool has been acknowledged by the court system and has influenced changes to the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure, so the courtroom can take advantage of these advances. So, why do
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Posted Date: 14 May Posted by: Exactify.IT
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Are Legal Tech Companies Promising More Than They Can Provide?

The world of technology and innovation has often been described as the Wild West, and with the way the media reports on companies that generate the right kind of “buzz”, it’s no surprise. Pundits and media outlets provide considerable publicity to new technology companies’ claims that their products are going to revolutionize industries, but how
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