Category: Cybersecurity

28 Jul
How Important Is It to Keep Your Firm’s Cybersecurity Up-To-Date?

The need for law firms to be technologically capable is increasing as the world becomes more high-tech. This has caused technology costs at law firms all across the nation to balloon, and there are no signs that this trend is slowing. This means that even small law firms and solo practitioners are going to need
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7 Jul
Is Your Law Firm Securing Client Medical Information?

Has your firm ever taken on a medical malpractice case? Maybe you’ve dealt with an auto injury case or an insurance claim. If so, then you have probably had to store protected health information (PHI) on your servers before. This can make your law firm subject to the regulations laid out in the Health Insurance
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7 Apr
Will Consumer Solutions Protect Your Firm from Ransomware?

Do you know what ransomware is? If not, then you and your law firm could be highly vulnerable when it comes to cybersecurity. Ransomware cuts you, the user, off from data stored on your computer. For a lawyer, this can be devastating, especially if you are about to go to court. Thankfully, there are ways
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21 Mar
Should You Insist on Cybersecurity During Discovery?

Cybersecurity is an ever-increasing worry for law firms all over the nation. As courts  have increasingly come to rely on technology, lawyers have had to increase their technical savvy. However, not all law firms have evolved with the changing times, and that can leave your clients’ data vulnerable when such a firm is a recipient
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12 Mar
Is SSL Important for My Law Firm’s Website?

Secure Sockets Layer, also known as SSL, has become an essential security tool for the modern-day Internet user, yet there are still many websites online that don’t use it. However, that may soon be changing. Google has made an announcement that could change the way most websites are secured. This could be especially important for
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