Category: Technology and Legal Ethics

21 Jul
Are Your Client’s Prepared for E-Discovery?

Have you heard of Hawa v. Coatesville Area School District? This court case involves a claim of racial discrimination by members of a school district against another employee. The case is ongoing, but the judge just handed down a decision that can teach many companies and law firms a valuable lesson about ESI (electronically stored
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14 Jul
How the Court Has Shaped E-Discovery

How eager is the legal industry when it comes to adopting new technologies? Some may have the impression that things are slow going where the law is concerned. However, particular court rulings have done a lot to push technology forward in the legal sector. Did Court Rulings Push the Adoption of E-Discovery? In the court
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28 Jun
5 Ways to Become Better at Using E-Discovery?

E-Discovery tools are becoming ever more important to the courtroom, and there’s no turning back. Judges are beginning to expect every lawyer that steps into their courtroom to have some sort of competency when it comes to e-discovery. Some judges are even calling on law schools to make e-discovery core curriculum. So, how does the
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21 Jun
How Should You Put Technology to Work at Your Law Firm?

There is a lot of new legal technology out there promising to utilize the latest innovations to make your firm work smarter and not harder. But before you dive right in to the ocean of technological marvels, there are many questions you need to be asking yourself. Principle among those questions is, how will this
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14 Jun
What’s Missing in Your Approach to Legal Technology?

So, you have rolled out new technology at your firm that will improve the way you deliver legal services to your clients. That’s great, but are you utilizing that technology to its greatest effect? Are other members of your practice finding your latest tech solution cumbersome or enlightening? Do you even know how to find
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