How Important Is It to Keep Your Firm’s Cybersecurity Up-To-Date?

A hacker roams cyberspace looking for victims.

The need for law firms to be technologically capable is increasing as the world becomes more high-tech. This has caused technology costs at law firms all across the nation to balloon, and there are no signs that this trend is slowing. This means that even small law firms and solo practitioners are going to need a tech solution, especially when it comes to cybersecurity.

How Keeping Cybersecurity Up-To-Date Is a Sign of the Times

News organizations are reporting on the latest data breach to compromise the data of thousands of people almost daily. Sometimes these breaches are at national retailers—sometimes they are at medical facilities. However, when these breaches happen at law firms, it not only worries attorneys, it scares their clients too. These stories are now spurring consumers of legal services to become more demanding.

In an interview with The Legal Intelligencer, Devin Chwastyk talked about the increasing pressures of technology on law firms. As the chair of McNees Wallace & Nurick’s data security group, he has seen ever-increasing pressure raise standards and costs industry-wide. Clients are now demanding to be shown how law firms are securing confidential communication. Some are even demanding that certain cybersecurity measures be taken before a law firm can be signed on retainer.

This trend may come as par for the course when it comes to big law firms, but solo practitioners and small firms are having difficulty. Adopting, maintaining and upgrading cybersecurity measures is expensive. This cost is rising with demand and creating barriers for these practitioners. That’s where technology services come in handy.

Here at Exactify.IT, we focus on providing affordable IT services to attorneys and firms that don’t have a dedicated technology department. Our cybersecurity services include penetration testing, audits and intrusion detection. These measures can help firms secure their confidential information and prove that they can keep a client’s business safe. In a legal industry that is becoming ever reliant on technological competency, staying current can mean the difference between failure and success.


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Posted On: July 28, 2018

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