How Should You Put Technology to Work at Your Law Firm?

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There is a lot of new legal technology out there promising to utilize the latest innovations to make your firm work smarter and not harder. But before you dive right in to the ocean of technological marvels, there are many questions you need to be asking yourself. Principle among those questions is, how will this tech work at my law firm?

Understanding the Technological Needs of Your Law Firm

Why does your law firm need that hot new technology sweeping its way through the legal world? If your only answers are to be on the cutting-edge or to stay ahead of the competition, you need to take a step back and do some more analysis. Plenty of law firms have sunk because they tried to outmatch their competition instead of utilizing their strengths.

Knowing your own law firm is always the first step in figuring out how to utilize technology. Is your firm good at communicating with clients? Then rolling out a top-to-bottom system that completely changes the way you get in contact with clients and the way they contact you may not be the best move. A system that addresses a weakness in your communications, such as scheduling, may be the more apt technological step up.

Next, determine if the technology you are considering is vaporware. If a tech product is promising a lot, but you are finding little evidence that it can deliver, then that product could be nothing but hype. The last thing your firm needs is to invest its capital in a project that is never going to achieve the lofty goals it promises.

You may also want to speak to other members of your firm to see if a tech rollout will help them accomplish their tasks. Sometimes a hasty adoption of new tech can cause more problems for the people who have to use it, and that can lead to resentment toward the new tool. Asking other members of your firm what they think can avoid this problem, and those associates may even have ideas that can point you in a better direction when it comes to your tech decisions.

Here at Exactify.IT, our professionals are all about making the legal tech decisions your firm needs. We are an IT department for firms that don’t have the resources to run an in-firm information technology division. Our services can help you get what your firm needs, so contact us if you have any questions about the technological future of your law firm.


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Posted On: June 21, 2018

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