How Important is Cybersecurity to a Law Firm?

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While searching the dark web—where anonymously hosted websites run a veritable online black market—cybersecurity firm RepKnight made a startling discovery. It found 1.16 million law firm email addresses, and some 80 percent of those addresses came with passwords. How did this happen, and where did those addresses come from? Experts may not be sure, but they do have cybersecurity recommendations that could help.

How Does Your Law Firm’s Cybersecurity Measure Up?

The white paper released by RepKnight claims that 500 of London’s largest law firms were targeted, exposing 930,000 law firm passwords. This exposes these firms to potential cyber attacks using bots and phishing emails. However, there are things that can be done to minimize damage from such breaches.

  • Don’t Use the Same Passwords—Varying your passwords is an important step in keeping your law firm’s cybersecurity strong. Use a password manager to generate complex passwords and keep up with the accounts these passwords are used on. This will go a long way toward preventing your systems from being hacked.
  • Don’t Use Firm Email Addresses on Third-Party Sites—If your firm uses third-party online services like LinkedIn, Twitter or Facebook, create a personal email address for these logins. This will prevent the law firm address from being exposed should the third-party site get hacked.
  • Analyze the Emails You Receive—Hackers are getting better at sending phishing emails that look like they are from reliable sources, but there are still red flags that you can spot. A slightly misspelled email address, or a period that is out of place could be the clue that lets you know an email is an attempt at phishing your login information.
  • Make Cybersecurity a Top Priority—Many law firms, especially smaller firms, undervalue the importance of strong cybersecurity, and this can be a critical mistake. Compromised information can have legal repercussions down the line, and it could harm your firm. Luckily, there are online security solutions for law firms of every size.

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Posted On: February 19, 2018

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