Could Your Laptop Battery Blow While You’re in Court?

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Do you use a laptop in court? In today’s technological courtroom, the answer to that question is probably yes, so you need that computer to function properly and cause minimal disturbances. If it suddenly starts overheating, smoking or melting, your case could be jeopardized. This is why it’s important for law firms to know about this latest recall from HP, otherwise your laptop battery could blow.

The HP Laptop Battery Recall

A recall is generally of interest to attorneys because it acknowledges a product defect that could put consumers at risk. If a consumer is injured or fatally harmed, then that victim and their family can seek compensation for their loss. However, every once in a while, a product recall can also affect attorneys in a way that doesn’t bring them cases. This HP laptop battery defect may be one of those instances.

Lithium-ion battery cells carry a lot of energy, but as a side effect, they can easily cause fires if not built to certain quality standards. It seems that battery units in some HP ProBook G2 and G3 models, as well as Zvook, Pavillion and Envy models may have just such a problem. The manufacturer has reports of laptops melting and charring, and at least one person has sustained a minor injury.

Because some of HP’s professional level laptops are affected, that means many attorneys could be entering the courtroom with volatile equipment. Outside of the courtroom, a defective battery like this could cause you to lose data off your laptop, and thus lose critical evidence.

HP has published a list of affected models and has included instructions on how to find out if your battery is defective and how to get it replaced. Unfortunately, these batteries are not the simply removable versions, so an HP technician will have to perform the repair, but that may be preferable to the alternative.

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Posted On: March 5, 2018

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