Law Firms Are Losing Billable Hours, Can Technology Help?

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How many hours do you work that you can actually bill? Do you manage to put in seven or eight billable hours a day, or maybe only three or four? There are so many tasks for the modern lawyer to manage at her firm, especially if the firm is small. If you aren’t able to maximize your billable hours, it could leave your practice with a serious cashflow problem. Luckily, the times are changing, and managing the time crunch via technology could be the answer.

How to Stop Losing Billable Hours by Using Technology

Clio, one of the big names in practice management software, recently released its 2017 Legal Trends Report. And what this report has to say about practices all over the country could help your small firm run better.

Clio’s report revealed that around 48 percent of most attorneys’ time is spent on “administrative tasks.” This can include CLE time, generating bills, and trying to deal with technology. With so many tasks to manage in addition to practicing law, it’s not surprising that many attorneys have problems completing a regimented number of billable hours. However, there are some key things you can do to keep these ancillary tasks from taking over:

  1. Analyze Your Time – If you are spending a lot of time doing tasks that are not billable, it’s time to break down exactly what you’re doing. You could be spending all your time managing bills, invoices and collections, or you could be stuck trying to manage your calendar. The first step to tackling these problems is knowing that you have them.
  2. Solving Your Time Issues – Once you’ve figured out where your problem areas are, you will know what solutions to look for. If your troubles are with invoices, finding software that tracks and automatically manages these accounts could free up a lot of your time. There are even programs that can help you analyze briefs and provide caselaw references for you.
  3. Investment in Implementation – Many technology solutions to time flow issues are going to take both time and money to implement. This is what makes knowing your problem areas so important. This allows you to prioritize which tech solutions best fit both your budget and schedule. There will be an initial sacrifice of time and money at the beginning of this process, but the time it will save you down the line is invaluable.

At Exactify.IT, we understand these time management issues and do all we can to help our clients navigate them. Our IT consulting and management services help firms free up time for billable hours. We provide the services attorneys need, so they can focus on practicing the law.


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Posted On: March 19, 2018

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