How Did You Protect Your Identity Over the Holidays?

cyber snooping and other internet security issues

cyber snooping and other internet security issues
The holiday season is over, but the cyber dangers of the season will continue for a few more months. That’s because tax season is now on the horizon, and those who didn’t take steps to protect their identity over the holidays could be in a world of trouble.

Cyber Dangers and Protecting Your Identity

For the every day consumer, identity theft is a big concern. It can lead to financial hardship or even ruin. But the consequences of identity theft are even graver for an attorney. Attorneys have access to people’s confidential information and sensitive data. If a lawyer’s identity is stolen, then the consequences could stretch far and wide.

For this reason, security experts are recommending that everyone, especially legal professionals, take certain steps to prevent their personal information from falling into the hands of thieves:

  • Don’t Use Public WIFI to Handle Sensitive Business – Public WiFi networks offer people access to the internet on the go. However, these networks are often unencrypted and have no password requirements. This can be a hacker’s dream come true, and it could allow them to snoop on any information you send or receive while on the unsecured network. In some cases, the networks themselves are set up by hackers as a way of harvesting information (these usually have names like “Free Public Wifi”).
  • Be Wary of Spoof Emails – Scammers have become skilled at mimicking the emails of trusted businesses, institutions, and colleagues. These tricks can be as simple as sending an email from “” instead of the genuine address “”. Cyber crooks are even using tricks of the eye to make victims think “rn” is actually “m”, so pay close attention for misspellings in email addresses.

In general, paying a little extra attention and putting in a dab of effort can go a long way toward securing your sensitive information and your clients’ sensitive information. But sometimes, ensuring that your firm’s files are properly encrypted, or that your WIFI is secure can be complicated work. It’s better to let IT professionals focus on these technological worries while you focus on hammering out your next deposition. That’s what Exactify.IT can do for your law firm!

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Posted On: February 5, 2018

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