The 3 Must Have Factors in Making Your Law Firm High-Tech

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So, you want to bring more technology into your law firm. Great! But doing so is a lot more complicated than simply buying into a platform or software package. There are certain necessary factors that every law firm needs if it is going to go high-tech. Here are three of those factors from the IT professionals at Exactify.IT.

The 3 Factors Involved in Making Your Law Firm High-Tech

  1. Staff – As we mentioned before, giving your law firm a technological boost isn’t as simple as buying into a legal software platform. This is because you must have a staff that understands the technology and is experienced enough to roll it out. Several firms have partners and associates who have experience with technology in their background. These people often enable a proper roll out of technology, and to assist, many firms will hire software developers and other tech service technicians in-house.
  2. Culture – Similarly to proper staffing, a firm has to have a culture receptive to integrating technology into the practice. Do the future plans of the law firm include revolutionizing the service provided to clients? Are the law firm’s partners in agreement about the steps they need to take to achieve their technological aspirations? Is the law firm willing to invest the capital it will take to get the job done right? Going in half-cocked is a good way to ensure that your tech plans fizzle upon launch.
  3. Demand – However, the most important factor in making your law firm more high-tech is definitely the demand of your clients. Do you have clients that work in the tech industry? Those clients are using technology to handle their business, which means they will expect your firm to have technological solutions. Even your client’s counterpart in court will deal in technology, which connects your innovation directly to your ability to analyze any evidence provided by opposing counsel. Furthermore, clients are increasingly moving away from billable hour fee arrangements, making it necessary for attorneys to improve efficiency to cut down on time invested in a case. Technology can help attorneys in just such a fashion.

The legal industry is changing, and many law firms are going to find themselves changing with it. This evolution into the high-tech will involve dedicated staff, an adaptive culture, and clients that demand cutting-edge solutions. This could pose a problem for smaller law firms that may have the willingness, but not the resources to roll out such a huge undertaking. This is where Exactify shines. Our IT professionals provide a one-stop shop for the staffing and software solutions your firm needs when clients start demanding modern service. Check out what we can do for your law firm.


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Posted On: April 14, 2018

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