What’s Missing in Your Approach to Legal Technology?

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So, you have rolled out new technology at your firm that will improve the way you deliver legal services to your clients. That’s great, but are you utilizing that technology to its greatest effect? Are other members of your practice finding your latest tech solution cumbersome or enlightening? Do you even know how to find out these crucial details?

Is Your Approach to Legal Technology Missing Something?

For technology to provide the success offered by its potential, it is often necessary to check your course. Like a sailor making an intercontinental voyage, you need to check your star charts, compass and bearings. For a legal firm instituting technology, that can mean reviewing data, checking outcomes, and evaluating if your efforts are taking your firm in the direction you want to go.

One of the first things you need to do when rolling out new technology is to figure out what your goal is. You need to have a reason to integrate new tech into your practice, whether it is to attract new clientele or to improve efficiency. You must know what direction you are going before you can sail to your destination.

Next, you need to figure out what measurable metrics will help you determine if your goals are being met. Looking at things such as time spent on tasks, how many client-firm interactions have happened recently or even the positive or negative responses from fellow firm members. This data can be essential to the next step in your approach to technology implementation.

Once you have your goals and data lined up, you need to analyze the progress of your progress. Don’t just set an end period and look at what outcomes have come about. Set several checkpoints to you can figure out what elements are improving your outcomes and what elements are hurting them. This way you can further adjust your implementation to get the best results. And if your results are not going the direction you want, the checkpoint method will help you cut your losses faster.

Here at Exactify.IT we understand the importance of goals, data and analysis. Among the technology services our professionals offer, we also offer evaluations and audits that can help you make the right decision about your technological rollout. Learn more about these methods by following our blog or contact us at your earliest convenience.


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Posted On: June 14, 2018

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