Will Consumer Solutions Protect Your Firm from Ransomware?

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Do you know what ransomware is? If not, then you and your law firm could be highly vulnerable when it comes to cybersecurity. Ransomware cuts you, the user, off from data stored on your computer. For a lawyer, this can be devastating, especially if you are about to go to court. Thankfully, there are ways to protect yourself from this new breed of cybercrime.

Understanding What Ransomware Is

Last year, a new type of cyberattack became popular with hackers. This new type of program is called ransomware, and it involves kidnapping the data on your computer and holding it hostage. These programs, once they are on your system, will encrypt your files and deny you access to them. In order to regain access to the files on your system, you are forced to contact and pay a cybercriminal. This type of attack can be incredibly harmful for anyone working in the legal profession.

Lawyers often have myriad sensitive information on their computers. This information can include medical records, court documents and vital evidence. To lose access to these documents can not only prevent you from presenting vital evidence to the court, it could even jeopardize the chain of custody that is vital in maintaining that evidence’s integrity. Luckily, there are ways to protect your systems from such malware.

Many cybersecurity companies have begun to offer ransomware protections tools. Programs like Trend Micro RansomBuster, Bitdefender Anti-Ransomware Tool and Cybersight RansomStopper offer several defenses to keep your system safe from data-kidnappers. However, these tools are not an instant solution to your ransomware problems.

These programs can add a layer of security to your system, but due to the way they function, they can also interfere with antivirus software. That could mean leaving your system vulnerable in other ways, which could lead to data loss and liability. Having experienced IT professionals guiding the rollout of ransomware defense software is the best way to make sure these programs are effective. Keep following the Exactify.IT blog to learn even more about how to protect your firm from cybercriminals.


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Posted On: April 7, 2018

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