Your time is too valuable to waste on IT headaches.We thrive on alleviating your headaches.

As an attorney, you need technology that works reliably and efficiently to help you manage the matters you oversee. You also need to be able to assure your clients that the confidential information they have entrusted to you is safe and secure. Larger firms usually have in-house IT personnel to oversee their technology and address any issues that may arise. Attorneys at smaller firms often have the same pressing technology needs, but lack the time or resources to build an IT department from the ground up. In these instances, the burden of overseeing the firm’s IT usually falls to a partner or an associate – someone who does the job of a Chief Information Officer (CIO) in addition to practicing law.

However, as an attorney, your time is too valuable to spend on dealing with technology-related headaches. Every minute you spend troubleshooting or diagnosing technology issues is a minute you cannot bill. Every ounce of mental energy you devote to worrying about your firm’s technology would be better spent on growing your practice and serving your clients. You need someone whose job it is to manage your firm’s technology so you can focus on practicing law.

Exactify.IT is a full-service technology management firm that provides IT services to attorneys and law firms across the country. We enable smaller law firms to operate like larger law firms by giving them access to technology management services without requiring them to take on the overhead of an in-house IT team. We proactively monitor, maintain, and support your law firm’s technology infrastructure to minimize the occurrence of issues and promptly address any rare issues that may arise. We also provide strategic direction on structuring your technology to ensure that your firm can scale and adapt to a constantly-changing technology and legal landscape. By working with Exactify.IT, you are adding a CIO to your team at a fraction of the cost of hiring your own full-time CIO.

Providing IT Support for Law Firms Is All We Do

Exactify.IT was founded by an attorney, so we understand the unique aspects of a law firm’s technology needs. We have first-hand experience with the same requirements and challenges that you face. Furthermore, we understand that what you want to do is practice law; you didn’t go to law school to spend time solving IT problems.