Cybersecurity for Attorneys

Why Is Cybersecurity So Important for Lawyers?

Cybersecurity for Attorneys Mitigates Risks and Helps Your Practice Grow

Cyber-attacks often involve attempts by hackers to gather sensitive and confidential information. For example, over 4.2 million government employees’ personal data was stolen in 2015 according to the Office of Personnel Management. As a result, birth dates, home addresses, usernames, passwords, full names, and social security numbers were compromised. Despite the vast resources of the federal government, its employees were expost to the risk of identity theft, harassment, and worse. Unfortunately, no law firm or business is ever too small to be a target of a cybersecurity attack. In fact, hackers, phishers and scammers routinely target smaller professional service firms. Fortunately, our cybersecurity services that are designed specifically for attorneys can reduce your risk of such attacks and keep your clients’ information secure.

At Exactify.IT LLC, we protect law firms with up-to-date and reliable cybersecurity solutions. Thus, you can spend more time focusing on your clients and your business. Instead of spending time dealing with frustrating IT problems, you can spend time growing your law firm. Ultimately, our success stems from our experience, work ethic, and reliability. We stay up-to-date not only on the latest cybersecurity threats, but on the legal landscape as it relates to attorneys’ ethical obligations in handling their clients’ data. We implement our solutions in a manner that is specifically focused on the unique needs of attorneys and legal professionals.

How Can Cybersecurity Help My Firm?

Some legal professionals wonder why cybersecurity is so important. Not only does cybersecurity save you time and money, but it can also help you distinguish your firm from competitors. Many clients will stop retaining the services of a firm that falls victim to a cyber-attack. This could result in lost profits, missed opportunities, and reputational harm. The best way to determine how comprehensive cybersecurity solutions can help your firm is to contact a professional company. However, there are certain factors you should consider when evaluating your cybersecurity options, including:

  • Employee Risk: Usually, phishing scams involve an employee of your business being tricked into supplying information. Cybersecurity for attorneys can help identify these scams and help you train employees on how to spot and report these attempts.
  • Mobile Management: Attorneys are busy. Lawyers are often traveling, working from a client’s location, or at court. For this reason, you probably use and store data across many devices, such as laptops, tablets, and smartphones. Hackers sometimes exploit vulnerabilities in these mobile platforms or gaps in security caused by use of data or applications across multiple platforms to trigger a data breach or a malicious malware attack. Strong security protocols can block these attempts.
  • Reduce Downtime: Cyber-attacks can involve substantial downtime. For example, most cybersecurity incidents take an average of 45 days to resolve. As a result, you may lose or irritate clients.
  • Software and Hardware: Ultimately, strong cybersecurity involves software and hardware solutions. Staying up-to-date on your programs, applications and services is just important as making sure your copier works.

What Are Common Causes of Data Breaches?

As a legal professional, you have an ethical duty to protect your client’s information. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to stay on top of cybersecurity trends without help. Exactify.IT can help identify what areas of your business are at risk. Some common causes of data breaches include:

  • Unsecured WiFi: One of the most common issues that may result in data breaches is the use of unsecured WiFi. For example, people sometimes use keyloggers on these connections to discover passphrases for accounts.
  • Data Management: Often, people will use generic login names and passwords. As a result, it can be easy for malicious applications to generate passwords to gain access to your data. Thus, creating unique and strong passwords can help prevent data breaches.
  • Internet-Connected Hardware: The internet is now available on many types of devices. However, availability also brings additional risk. Internet-connected TVs, printers, cameras and other products often include vulnerabilities that can trigger a data breach.

Cybersecurity Questions? Contact Us Today for Answers

Are you frustrated by compounding IT problems? Would you like to focus on growing your legal business instead of navigating cybersecurity issues? Do you have questions about how these services can save you time and money? Unfortunately, hiring an in-house legal IT specialist can be costly. Additionally, cybersecurity is a constantly-changing area of IT, requiring dedication to be effective. A successful cybersecurity professional will offer attorneys scalable, simple and safe solutions that protect your best interests.

Guidelines for cybersecurity law are still emerging. Thus, you should work with a cybersecurity company that stays on top of laws and known threats. Without a reliable and stable security platform, you face losing out on future business. At Exactify.IT LLC, we believe every firm deserves to protect their clients, regardless of size. Our success stems from the experience and technical acumen of. Reach our Menlo Park, California or Hillsboro, Oregon offices by contacting us online or by calling 650-651-5344.